Clamp On Filter Systems

About us.

Originally based in Long Island, New York, we moved our operations to Florida for year round moto. We were track rats running our own stuff in 2005 before we ever thought about going public with anything. Back then it was just a single man operation. We had a few welders and a small CNC that scrapped more aluminum than it produced. We were already manufacturing ATV air boxes for No Toil that were listed in Parts Unlimited, but motocross had not yet evolved in the air box. The clamp-on filter systems we were developing for the ATV market were clearly so much better than the thumb screw configurations. We knew the motocross industry was in for a revelation when we redirected out focus. 

Fast Forward to 2008 -  We had done enough demos by this point to know that the Loud Mouth was the real deal. The Magazines praised our products with all-star reviews. Hundreds of top riders; pro and amateur alike were thrilled with the performance and protection benefits of the Loud Mouth. Sales took off with orders to Canada, Australia, Africa, the UK and all the way to Japan. We linked up with retailers like LocoMX, Motosport and Rocky Mountain MC ATV just to name a few. To this day, we have maintained our expanded operations under 1 roof. Not just for quality control, but to maintain our grass roots mentality.

Saving Engines.

The Loud Mouth intake system utilizes universal cage-less, clamp on style air filters with an actual seal that tightly grips around the intake flange. It takes SECONDS to change air filters and it’s virtually impossible to screw up a filter installation. So you can forget about ever sucking dirt ever again.


Understanding How Your Engine's Output is Directly Related to the Efficiency of its Airflow

Your engine is a glorified air pump. You get out of it, what you put in. No Jetting/Mapping or Aftermarket Exhaust Required.

Universal Air Filters

Simplifying Parts Departments. Keep Air Filters For Your New Ride or Borrow from Friends or Family While Trackside. 
The Universal filters between the brands are manufactured to our specifications by our allies at No Toil, Twin Air and DT1 Racing. Whether you’re a consumer or a dealer that’s interested the Loud Mouth intake system, this feature is just awesome. One part number covers all bikes between 65-100cc and another for 125-450cc+ that are equipped with a Loud Mouth air intake. Any brand, make and model. This allows parts departments to simplify their inventory and it gives riders the ability to borrow filters from friends or family members that are equipped with a Loud Mouth intake system on their ride.

Durability & How Its Made

Everything that comes out of our facility is manufactured in house from Certified Military Spec. materials. All of our Loud Mouth's are CNC machined from solid blocks of 6061 Billet Aluminum and are made for longevity. You can expect a lifetime of use from a Loud Mouth intake system and you can even swap your intake between bikes with compatible air box configurations throughout the years.

Filters & Durability

All of our kits come standard with a Premium Dual Stage, Flame Retardant No Toil Air Filter with a 1 Year Warranty. We offer options for Twin Air and DT1 Racing filters. It's no different than what you're already using except that it has a seal flange. You can turn it inside out when washing.