Our machine shop is practically in Daytona so this was just a matter of time. Developed and engineered along with some of the best HD tuners in the industry, the Loud Mouth's for the Harley line are our latest public release. We've actually been at it with these since we've acquired our first HAAS cnc back in 2009. The amount of machine time and personal attention to detail invested into each and every unit is what will separate this masterpiece from the $30-150 kit you can pick up in your local dealership. This is a true one off with nothing but performance in mind. Yes. We have an elbow as well, and pics are coming soon.

It's an easy setup out of the box, but does it protect your investment?(Featured Prototype) We put a solid 12 hours of ride time on our 2017 KTM450 FE with the stock filter assembly, so we know it very well. Most refer to it as "easy", and it is. We changed it every hour; or after every ride because of how dirty it gets in the Florida sand. However; it is our professional opinion that because this bike costs more than 10K, it deserves a filter setup that truly protects the engine. The Loud Mouth clamp-on filter system actually seals. No exceptions. And paired with an Outerwears filter skin we can now extend ride times 3 fold.