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If you're still using the rim grease/thumb screw configuration, you're sucking dirt. 

It's a sad truth and bikes these days are too damn expensive to run at the mercy of a lousy filter se We receive hundreds of phone calls a week from riders who are losing engines to filter failures and we're doing something about it. 

We've been studying every design flaw associated with the OEM assembly for going back to the early 90's. With the Loud Mouth intake system you can be sure to target and eliminate every point of weakness associated with the thumb screw setup. Increased performance, reduced maintenance times and significantly increased engine life are just a few benefits you can expect with the Loud Mouth intake system.

  • Always keep up on filter maintenance.

  • Never use anything but the recommended filter treatment for your air filter. ​

The Loud Mouth intake system replaces an obvious problem with a simple solution.

Proper filter maintenance leads to improved performance and extended engine longevity. Every rider can relate to that… Although keeping your air filter and intake tract free of dirt is the most important part of routine maintenance, it’s no SIMPLE task, and many motocross enthusiasts will often neglect pulling the seat off between motos or put off a filter change to a later date before digging into a dirty air box. 

Engineered to simplify the air box and filter mounting configuration with INDUSTRY leading clamp-on filter technology; each system is designed to eliminate the pain staking hassles of routine maintenance, significantly improve airflow, and provide a fool proof seal from the elements on the track and your engine. In effect, our intakes virtually eliminate the risk of faulty filter installation or failure during use, save anywhere from 15-30 minutes per filter change and can prevent thousands of dollars in engine damage.


Q & A

Q: How do I install a Loud Mouth on my bike?

Most of the Loud Mouth Intake Systems install by removing the hardware on the front of the air box which is typically 5 or 6  8mm nuts. For example, the Kawasaki KXF 250/450s have 5 nuts and 1 screw. Once the hardware is removed, you can pull the stock thumb screw configuration out of the air box. The gasket and hardware supplied in every Loud Mouth Kit allows you to quickly install the Loud Mouth Intake into the air box and without sealant (although, it couldn't hurt to add some).  You do not have to remove the subframe on most bikes if you have an 8mm wrench and a 1/4 drive 8mm socket for removal of the stock assembly.
Q: Do I have to modify my airbox?

Most of these intakes can be installed in as little as 20-30 minutes with ease. Some bikes require that you trim uneven tabs incorporated into the intake boot. You can do this in a few minutes with a razor and you can always re-install the OEM setup. Since most bikes have a removable thumb screw filter cage, you can swap out the OEM setup with the Loud Mouth without modifying the air box. The Fuel Injection CRF 250/450s however, are the exception. We supply an installation template and instructions that allow you to easily modify the air box.

Q: Do I have to re-jet or change my bike's mapping with the Loud Mouth?

Not likely. We've never had to remap with the Loud Mouth after installation. The bikes take to the perfected airflow. As far as jetting is concerned, it's extremely rare that our riders/customers have jetting issues after installing the Loud Mouth on their bikes. In fact, it's so rare that we don't  even bring jets to the races when we're installing them. On the dyno, the Loud Mouth always moves the air/fuel mixture in the right direction; carburetor and FI alike. We have seen these systems fix jetting issues and eliminate bogging. In the rarest of cases, we suggest correcting extreme jetting issues that may already exist prior to installation.

Q: Can I use my regular air filters with the Loud Mouth?

No. Fortunately, we supply every kit with a filter. The clamp-on air filters are manufactured specifically for the Loud Mouth Intake Systems and adapt differently than the OEM. The cage-less design allows for quick filter changes and a perfect seal locking dirt out from the intake tract.

Q: Does the Loud Mouth remove the screen?

Yes. The Loud Mouth is a very simple system. Intake (flange on housing) and clamp-on style filter. It eliminates the thumb screw, cage and OEM filter receiver. The filters manufactured by Twin Air and No Toil are flame retardant. According to these companies, a non-petroleum-based filter oil is recommended. Avoid petroleum-based solvents, gasoline, mineral spirits etc..

Q: How much do extra filters cost?

The price of a replacement filter varies: No-Toil: $32.99 Twin Air: $36.75

Q: Will this still work good with stock exhaust or would it make my bike run bad?

The performance gains we have seen from the Loud Mouth Intake are consistent on every bike, stock and mod. You'd be surprised how well your engine runs when you have a Loud Mouth to get the air in, regardless of the exhaust.

Q: Do you have to oil these filters?

Yes. Treat them like any other foam filter.Type your paragraph here.

"We didn't get into the sport for fortune and fame. We just wanted to help out our friends in the pits."

Motocross Action 5 STAR Review 

Ranked in top 1% of best products ever tested.

We needed to put the Loud Mouth to the test. It's one thing for us to make steep claims but who better than the MXA Wrecking Crew? Jody and the boys put our intakes to the ultimate test at Glen Helen and gave it a whopping 5 Star Review. Can't say we lost much sleep over the anticipation after seeing them grab another gear up the hills.

We don't strive to be original in creating our products. It's our  respective nature. From our sponsor plugs to our intakes, we pride ourselves on producing products that we want on our bikes but can't get from anywhere else. We'll even go so far as to one-off a product for many of our customers if they're onto something.

Ever sucked dirt? We used to, and so did our friends... It's what motivated us to do something about it. The problem in many cases is that filter maintenance is a serious pain in the you know what, and can take too much time out of your day just cleaning the air box and then hoping the fresh filter holds a seal with enough rim grease.

Our intake systems are a clamp-on conversion from your thumb screw setup and the filters have an actual rubber seal that's impossible to leak or install incorrectly. You would have to neglect filter maintenance all together to screw this one up.  We were able to reduce filter changes to a quick 30 seconds or less affair if you have a fresh filter ready to go. Virtually no clean-up necessary between changes.

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